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As most know, the closure, relocation or refit of an office results in a large amount of waste for disposal. It could be old office equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings as well as non-sensitive paperwork and carpet tiles. Some companies in Watford decide to call in a contractor to help rid the unwanted items but this can prove to be costly. By ordering a skip, you are able to get rid of all junk and obsolete items in one go and save money.



Using the Skip Correctly


Below, we’ve listed some ideas on the best way to carry out practical waste disposal by using our skip for hire services in Watford

Identify and Separate the Waste


If you’re about to relocate to or from a Watford office, it’s worth considering that your office contents should be separated into three categories.


  • Items That Should Be Kept
  • Items To Be Sold
  • Items To Be Placed In The Skip


It’s a great idea to ensure that everyone in your Watford office understands what needs to kept, sold or thrown into the skip. This could stop you or your staff throwing out items that still have value to the company.



Right-Sized Skip and Hire Period


Once you’ve carried out the first step, you should have a strong idea on how much office waste needs to be collected through our skip for hire services, and how long you may need the unit. Our range of skips varies from a 2 cubic yard to a 12 cubic yard size. A 2-yard skip holds the equivalent of 20 to 30 standard black bags.


This rises up to 120 full bags for a 12-yard skip. You may have to re-evaluate potential loads depending on what type of waste you’re getting rid of.


Items such as furniture and cabinets should be broken down if possible to allow for more room. If you’re throwing out office furniture from your Watford address, please bare in mind that unless the skip is on private land, you’ll need a skip permit.


We can arrange this on your behalf. The hire period is down to you. We’re flexible and with long term skip for hire, we’re able to offer even cheaper prices.



Fill Your Skip Sensibly


Once we’ve delivered the skip to your Watford address, you can start to fill immediately. For safety reasons, please ensure that skip is evenly loaded and that the majority of the heavy items are at the bottom. If you overfill the skip so materials are protruding, we will ask you to remove them as it’s against the law for us to be carrying an overloaded skip.


If the skip hire is being left on the Watford roadside overnight, we can supply light beacons to warn oncoming traffic and cyclists. Once you’ve completed your office waste clearance, give us a call and we’ll collect your skip from you as soon as possible.


To book a skip for office waste removal projects in Watford, call Any Skips Ltd now on 0208 950 9091.