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Any Skips Ltd provide skip hire containers for commercial clients in Harrow and all surrounding areas. Using a skip is a practical way of dealing with the large waste volumes that are generated by companies during office clearances. The same applies to shop refits, refurbishment projects, warehouse tidy-ups and various other commercial waste removals.


We also have Harrow-based clients such as restaurants, shops, building companies and contractors, who require skip for hire services on a regular short-term or long-term basis. When using our skip for hire company, we can guarantee our customers large savings as well as a reliable and honest service at all times.



Client Responsibility


If you’re considering using skip hire for your Harrow business, please take into consideration the following - will the skip be placed on a public highway? If so, you will need a permit. The permit lasts up to 28 days so it’s not ideal if you’re looking for long-term skip hire. However, if you’re looking at a general commercial waste clearance at your Harrow premises, this should be more than enough time to carry out a full disposal project. We can apply for a permit from the local authority for Harrow on your behalf. Also, be aware that you might need to make drivers and cyclists aware of your skip for hire at night if it’s not visible enough in the dark. We can provide night lights to help avoid any collisions that may occur otherwise, and we know from experience how easily this can happen! The same goes for inhibiting access to you or your neighbour’s Harrow premises. Your skip should be kept away from all fire doors and entry and exit points at all times.


There can be some confusion as to what can and can’t be put into a skip. Hazardous items such as clinical waste, paint, solvents, liquid concrete, engine oil, diesel and petrol, aerosol cans and other associated materials MUST be kept out. Our skip for hire drivers will refuse to take any container that has hazardous waste in it. Please don’t overfill with skip hire either. It’s illegal for us to drive with a potentially dangerous skip loaded to our vehicle.


If you would like further information about commercial skip hire, please call us now on 0208 950 9091. We cover Harrow and all surrounding areas.